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Revelstoke Area Map

For the benefit of our REALTORS® and clients, we further categorized the Shuswap and Revelstoke region into neighbourhoods that encompass the Shuswap Lake. This region includes Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Revelstoke, and various areas surrounding the Shuswap Lake such as Blind Bay, Tappen/Sunnybrae, Eagle Bay, and Sorrento. These sub areas are determined by the various municipalities, population density, and zoning bylaws.

The Shuswap Lake is vast, spanning an area of 309.6 square kilometres and is 89 km long. Because of this, towns, cities, neighbourhoods, and vacation homes have cropped up on its shores, creating a sometimes resort-like feeling as you gaze over the sparkling lake. While Revelstoke is further away from the Shuswap Lake, it’s surrounded by beautiful mountains, Revelstoke Mountain Resort for the ski and snowboard enthusiasts, and even a lake of their own.

Blind Bay


Blind Bay, located north of Salmon Arm along the Shuswap Lake in view of Copper Island, strives to showcase vacationing in British Columbia. This small community has beautiful views of the lake wherever you go. 

With boating, swimming, kayaking, and more, there are always activities to enjoy in Blind Bay in the summer. Due to the location, a vehicle is required to complete any errands and to travel to and from the community.

Eagle Bay



Located east of Sorrento along Eagle Bay Road on the Shuswap Lake, this neighbourhood is quite secluded. Eagle Bay offers beautiful views of Shuswap Lake with boat access and nature everywhere.

Eagle Bay is quite vehicle dependent. Some errands can be accomplished in the neighbourhood, but for others a drive to Blind Bay or Sorrento might be necessary.

This neighbourhood is very popular during the summer months when people want to experience a British Columbian summer on the lake.

North East Salmon Arm


Located on Shuswap Lake, North-East Salmon Arm has plenty to offer. Water sports, boating, and beaches along the lake will keep you busy all summer long. Hiking and walking trails can be found in the surrounding area. 

There are a variety of schools available, such as Bastion Elementary, Salmon Arm Secondary, Shuswap Middle, and more. Okanagan College is also located in the middle of Salmon Arm. 

The northeastern neighbourhood of Salmon Arm is very pedestrian friendly and most errands can be completed on foot or by cycling.  

North Shuswap


Located north of Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm, Scotch Creek, Celista and Anglemont, the Northern Shuswap offers an immersion into nature.

This area is remote, and a vehicle is required for errands and excursions. There are small communities such as Scotch Creek, Celista, Magna Bay, and Anglemont along the southern part of the North Shuswap.

This region provides gorgeous nature opportunities for hikers, boaters, kayakers, and nature lovers of all kinds.

North West Salmon Arm


Northwestern Salmon Arm is right on the Shuswap Lake, offering beautiful views of the lake. With a large variety of restaurants and stores to explore, there is plenty to keep residents busy year-round. 

The Salmon Arm Wharf and the surrounding area has some opportunities for people to wander around the lake. The Prestige Harbourfront Resort is right on the water, with peaceful walkways to explore. 

The Salmon Arm Waterslides also offer some activities for everyone. Perfect for a summer cool down. To experience Salmon Arm, a vehicle is recommended.

Central Revelstoke


Located between Sicamous and Golden along Highway 1, the city of Revelstoke follows along the Columbia River. Revelstoke embraces its terrain and offers a wide variety of activities for every season.

In the winter there is skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and more. During the summer months, there is the Pipe Mountain Coaster, gondola sightseeing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and more.

While in the city, most errands can be accomplished on foot or by cycling, but for anything outside middle of Revelstoke a vehicle is recommended.

South East Salmon Arm


Located on the Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm is where Highway 97B and Highway 1 meet. With watersports, boating and beaches along Shuswap Lake, hiking and walking trails, snowmobiling trails, and more, there is plenty to keep residents busy year-round.

Some schools include Bastion Elementary, Salmon Arm Secondary, Shuswap Middle, and more. Okanagan College is also located in the middle of Salmon Arm. 

Most errands can be accomplished by walking or cycling. Approaching the outskirts of the city, it becomes more imperative to own a vehicle.



This large region is around the Shuswap Lake north of Sicamous and east of Eagle Bay and Anglemont. With only a couple pockets of residential areas, this region is typically for vacationers looking to enjoy the Shuswap Lake. 

Seymour Arm is, at the northern part of the Shuswap, is the largest of these residential areas. With the Seymour Arm Pub and Daniels Store and Marina, residents can enjoy some food and buy a few items they may need.

Any settlements in this region are quite isolated so a vehicle is necessary.



Sicamous, located between Salmon Arm and Revelstoke, is surrounded by beautiful outdoor opportunities such as camping, hiking, houseboating, water sports, and much more.

With such a variety of activities year-round, there is always something to do in Sicamous. The strong sense of community permeates the region and you will see the culture everywhere you go.

Being surrounded by nature also means that it is best to have a vehicle for transportation to get your errands completed and to explore the area. Those looking for a quiet, nature-inspired lifestyle will love the Sicamous region.



Located northwest of Salmon Arm and northeast of Chase right on the Trans-Canada Highway. Sorrento is right across the Shuswap Lake from Scotch Creek and near other small neighbourhoods like Blind Bay and Notch Hill. 

This area has a variety of settlements throughout. In Sorrento, there are a few resorts on the lake such as Maples Resort, White Sands Resort, and Jewel Bay Resort.

Sorrento has an elementary school, stores, and restaurants. Because of how spread out these neighbourhoods are, a vehicle is required to travel between them and Salmon Arm.

SW Salmon Arm


Southwestern Salmon Arm has a good mix of commercial and residential properties. With quick access to everything else in Salmon Arm, this area is very connected.

Piccadilly Mall, Walmart, Canadian Tire, and much more are in this part of the city. With a variety of schools throughout Salmon Arm, this city is great for young families.

Most errands can be accomplished in southwestern Salmon Arm on foot or by cycling. To go further into downtown Salmon Arm, a vehicle is recommended. 



Located north of Salmon Arm is the neighbourhood of Tappen. Sunnbrae is northeast, along Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Road. These neighbourhoods are small settlements that become more populated in the summer. 

These destinations are sought after by those seeking to soak up the sun on the Shuswap Lake. There are parks to enjoy, and various hiking trails nearby. Tappen is more populated as it’s on Highway 1 just north of Salmon Arm.

Due to the more isolated nature of these neighbourhoods, a vehicle is a necessity to reach Salmon Arm to complete most of your errands.

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