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Central Okanagan Area Map

For the benefit of our REALTORS® and clients, we further categorized the Central Okanagan into neighbourhoods that range from Peachland to West Kelowna and Fintry on the western side of Okanagan Lake, and Big White, Joe Rich, and all of Kelowna to Lake Country and Oyama on the east. These neighbourhoods are determined by the various municipalities, population density, and zoning bylaws.

While the Central Okanagan is a beautiful region full of activity, every neighbourhood differs so be sure to find the right one to perfectly suit you and your family’s lifestyle.


These two communities can be found on Highway 33 between Kelowna and Rock Creek. Access to Beaverdell and Carmi is great as they are right on the highway.

Popular locations for camping in the summer,  these communities have a wide variety of hiking, biking, and snowmobiling trails. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail reaches Beaverdell from Kelowna and continues.

With the residential neighbourhoods being spread out, it is best to own and operate a vehicle to accomplish all of your errands in these areas.

Black Mountain

This neighbourhood, located just east and southeast outside of Kelowna along Highway 33 on the way to Big White, has a variety of modern suburbs throughout the area. Black Mountain has a strong residential presence.

With Black Mountain Elementary in the neighbourhood and other schools only a short drive away, it is a popular neighbourhood for families. 

There are beautiful hiking and walking trails throughout the neighbourhood to explore. It is recommended to have a vehicle to complete errands, as the transit exists but there are not a lot of options yet. 

Big White

Located southeast of Kelowna along Highway 33 connecting to Big White Road, Big White is a major ski resort in British Columbia. Providing residents with entertainment year-round, there is always action up at Big White, especially in the winter months.

There are various restaurants and stores within the village. During the winter, people flock to the hill for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and more. In the warmer months the hill is open to hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers, and bmx riders. 

While many errands can be completed at Big White, it is vehicle-dependent as it is roughly a 45 minute drive from the nearest city, Kelowna.

Crawford Estates

Located in the middle of Upper Mission, Lower Mission, and South East Kelowna, Crawford Estates is a residential community. With all the amenities of the Mission nearby, this neighbourhood is closer to the city than it feels. 

There are a variety of parks such as Woodhaven Regional Park, and Redridge Park right in the neighbourhood. Crawford Falls is a popular shorter hike during the winter and the summer. 

Because this neighbourhood is mainly residential, owning and operating a vehicle is highly recommended. There is some transit availability in this neighbourhood. 

Christian Valley/Westbridge

Westbridge is located between Kelowna and Rock Creek on Highway 33. Taking Christian Valley Road northeast from Westbridge along Kettle River will reach Christian Valley.

Kettle River and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail pass through Westbridge and the Kettle River Recreation Area nearby gives residents and visitors plenty of opportunities to experience nature. Christian Valley Road has multiple small pockets of residential communities throughout.

A vehicle is an absolute necessity in these areas as everything is spread out. To accomplish all errands, residents need to travel a ways to Rock Creek or Midway.  

Dilworth Mountain

Just northeast of downtown Kelowna, this residential neighbourhood is nestled nicely into Dilworth Mountain. It is only a couple minutes to Kelowna for all the amenities you will need.

With parks such as Dilworth Mountain Park, Summit Park, and Cassiar Park in the neighbourhood, there is plenty of open space to explore. Just at the bottom of the mountain is the Mill Creek Linear Park with a walkway that connects downtown Kelowna to Rutland.

To complete most errands, a vehicle will be required as Dilworth Mountain is mostly residential. 


Located east of Highway 97 following Old Vernon Road, east of the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus, Ellison is heavily residential. This neighbourhood is a few minutes away from Kelowna, giving residents some peace and quiet.

There are various orchards, farms, and a winery in the area. As well as hiking trails, a dog park, and the Kelowna International Airport.

Ellison is a little ways outside the city, so a vehicle will make errands a lot easier. Some can be accomplished on foot or by cycling depending on your location in the neighbourhood. 


This small community is located on the west side of Okanagan Lake, 24 km north of Kelowna and 50 km south of Vernon in the Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area. A popular location for campers, hikers, boaters, kayakers, and beach-goers, this community respects and conserves nature. 

Due to the smaller size of the community, this neighbourhood offers residents plenty of privacy and opportunities to experience the beautiful, natural wonders of the Okanagan.

Due to isolated nature of this neighbourhood, a vehicle is recommended. 


Located along Glenrosa Road north of Highway 97 and west of Glencoe Road in Westbank, this neighbourhood has a variety of amenities for residents. With markets and stores dotting the neighbourhood, many errands can be accomplished close by. 

With schools such as Glenrosa Elementary and Glenrosa Middle School, young families can live comfortably in this neighbourhood while only being a few minutes away from the city.

West Kelowna and Kelowna are close by to complete the rest of your errands or to spend some time exploring the city. A vehicle is recommended because of the size of this neighbourhood.


Glenmore, located in northern Kelowna along Glenmore Road and behind Knox Mountain, provides the residents with lots of amenities while complementing the surrounding area. With Knox Mountain, a variety of parks, and tons of hiking trails nearby, there is plenty of opportunities to lose yourself in nature.

With multiple restaurants, stores, and coffee shops throughout this neighbourhood, you can get most of your errands completed within your own neighbourhood. Due to it being a few minutes from Kelowna by car, a vehicle is recommended to go into the city.

Joe Rich

This neighbourhood is located past Black Mountain, east of Kelowna along Highway 33. Many residences in Joe Rich are quite secluded providing a good amount of privacy.

WildPlay Element Parks in Kelowna is in Joe Rich, offering some physical fun. There are a variety of camping opportunities throughout this neighbourhood.

To complete all errands, a vehicle is a necessity. Highway 33 connects Kelowna and Rockcreek and is a popular route for those traveling to Osoyoos.

Kelowna North


Located downtown near the Okanagan Lake, North Kelowna is the city’s cultural centre. The various theatres, artisan stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, library, Innovation Centre and casino make North Kelowna a vibrant community full of opportunity. Nature lovers can enjoy multiple parks, walks, the lake, and hikes all over Knox Mountain. 

During the winter, Stuart Park offers free, outdoor skating with rentals available. At the multi-purpose arena, there is always an entertaining event happening such as sports games, comedy shows, concerts and various other performances. 

North Kelowna offers close proximity to nature, a number of amenities, employment opportunities and nightlife. With an excellent walk score and convenient public transit, this neighbourhood is ideal for those who wish to live in the center of it all without having to rely on a vehicle for day-to-day life.

Kelowna South

Located south of Highway 97, north of K.L.O. Road and West of Gordon Road to the Lake, the South Kelowna neighbourhood is very accessible for walkers, bikers and drivers. With many shops, restaurants, coffee shops and more, this is a bustling neighbourhood suitable for many types of residents.

Within South Kelowna is the largest hospital in the interior, Kelowna General Hospital, multiple schools including elementary, middle, secondary and the Okanagan College. Some shopping centres include Mission Park Shopping Centre, Sopa Square and a large section of Pandosy Street that boasts several stores and restaurants.

There is a variety of residential options in South Kelowna including student housing, condominiums, adult-gated communities, and large lots with beach access points. Running along the lake, this neighbourhood offers plenty of access to beaches, parks and nature walks.

Kettle Valley

Located southwest of downtown Kelowna in the middle of the Upper Mission, this neighbourhood has a strong residential population. Kettle Valley is a close-knit community with some hidden gems throughout the neighbourhood.

There are parks such as Quilchena Park, Tulameen Park, Providence Park, Jewel Park and more in Kettle Valley. This neighbourhood is also close to the Kettle Valley Rail Trail -  a popular walking, cycling and snowshoeing trail.

Some errands can be accomplished on foot or by cycling, but a vehicle is recommended. This neighbourhood is quite peaceful, as there is mostly residential properties in the area.

Lake Country North West

Located west of Highway 97 along Okanagan Lake and Carrs Landing Road, this neighbourhood offers gorgeous views of the lake. Residential properties are in the mid-to-high price range and have a variety of styles.

Lake Country North West is equally between Vernon and Kelowna, making a vehicle a necessity. With the two cities only a short drive away, reaching all the amenities you need is easy. 

50th Parallel Estate winery is located in this neighbourhood and there are an abundance of restaurants only a short drive away. Okanagan Lake provides opportunities for swimming, boating, kayaking and more.

Lake Country South West

Located between Kelowna and Vernon on Okanagan Lake and Wood Lake with Highway 97 winding through the centre, Lake Country strives to encapsulate the Okanagan culture.

There are wineries, orchards, hiking trails, and more throughout Lake Country that people come from all around to experience. The two lakes provide opportunities for water sports, boating, swimming, and more.

Some schools nearby include George Elliot Secondary, Davidson Road Elementary, and Peter Greer Elementary. Most errands will require a vehicle to complete.

Lake Country East/Oyama

Located along Highway 97, the larger region of Lake Country East and Oyama encompasses Ellison Lake, Wood Lake and parts of Kalamalka Lake. As well as half of Lake Country and all of Oyama.

This region has all of the amenities of Lake Country and Oyama. Various restaurants, grocery stores, produce markets, pharmacies and more. There are also an abundance of other activities to keep you busy such as water sports, fishing, wineries, boating, swimming, kayaking, hiking, cycling and more.

This neighbourhood is quite spread out, unless you are located inside the two towns. To complete all your errands a vehicle of some sort is recommended. 

Lakeview Heights

Found south of Highway 97 in West Kelowna along Okanagan Lake, with Boucherie Road winding through the center, is Lakeview Heights. This neighbourhood is well known for its wineries and beautiful views of Okanagan Lake.

Landmark Cinemas Xtreme Theatre, restaurants, grocery stores and schools, such as Hudson Road Elementary and Mount Boucherie Secondary, are all within a short drive of this neighbourhood.

This area offers many lakefront  and lake view homes, hence its name. The area is also not far from the bridge and downtown Kelowna. This area is especially well-known for being home to one of the Okanagan’s most popular wine routes, the Westside Wine Trail. 

Lower Mission

Between K.L.O. and Colette Road, along Gordon Drive, the Lower Mission has a mix of local shops, restaurants and residential properties. With townhomes, condominiums and detached homes available, this area offers something for everyone.

The Lower Mission offers a multitude of elementary schools and Okanagan Mission Secondary. Kelowna Secondary School, K.L.O. Middle School and the Okanagan College are all nearby.

The Lower Mission is rich with amenities but is also quite large with pockets of suburbs, so depending on where you live, you may need a vehicle. This area is home to several shopping centres, popular beaches like Gyro, Rotary and Sarsons, the Mission Park Greenway, the H20 Centre, sports fields and restaurants.

McKinley Landing

This neighbourhood offers beautiful waterfront properties on the eastern side of Okanagan Lake. Located along Bennett Road north of Kelowna and west of the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus, McKinley Landing has a variety of residential properties.

Many waterfront properties have docks for boats and, with multiple beach access points, it’s easy to enjoy the Okanagan summers on the lake. There are some hiking trails and parks nearby to explore.

McKinley Landing is quite isolated, which means that almost all errands will require a vehicle.

North Glenmore

Located between Glenmore Road North and Highway 97 northeast of downtown Kelowna, North Glenmore covers a large portion of land. With a variety of hikes, walks, shopping centres, and restaurants, there is always something to do. This neighbourhood connects Kelowna and Lake Country via Glenmore Road North.

Some stores and restaurants that can be found are IGA, Shoppers Drug Mart, Starbucks, Brandt’s Creek Pub and Tim Hortons. North Glenmore Elementary can also be found in this neighbourhood. 

This neighbourhood is a short drive from the main shopping centres in Kelowna. Since this neighbourhood covers a lot of area and it is more residential, a vehicle is recommended to complete most errands. 


Located between West Kelowna and Summerland, Peachland follows Okanagan Lake. With waterfront restaurants, boating, and water sports, this city has a relaxing, vacation-like feel. Some other activities in the area include hiking, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, biking, and more.

There are various stores, restaurants, coffee shops and more to explore along the boardwalk right next to Okanagan Lake. There are plenty of wineries and microbreweries located just a short distance away from the main city. 

To complete almost all errands, a vehicle will be required due to the spread out nature of Peachland.

Rutland North

Located north of Highway 33 and east of Highway 97, Rutland North has a strong residential community with many options for shopping, restaurants, businesses, and entertainment. Mainly composed of single family homes, condos, and townhouses, Rutland North has options for everyone.

Some schools include Rutland Elementary, Rutland Middle, and Rutland Secondary School. With the YMCA, Rutland Twin Arena, Rutland Sports Field, and the Grand 10 Theater nearby, there is plenty of activities that can be enjoyed year-round. 

This neighbourhood is very walk and bicycle friendly. Most errands can be accomplished on foot or by bicycle and the Kelowna bus transit is also available.

Rutland South

Located south of Highway 33, north of Mission Creek, and east of Banks Road, Rutland South is mostly residential, but it has a strong business population as well. With roads that cut through the neighbourhood and connect to Highway 33, like Hollywood Road South and Rutland Road South, this neighbourhood is very accessible. 

Rutland South has schools such as Belgo Elementary, South Rutland Elementary, Springvalley Elementary and Springvalley Middle School. There is Rutland Middle School and Rutland Senior Secondary only a few minutes down Rutland Road North.

This neighbourhood has walkways throughout the residential areas, making traveling by foot or cycling quite easy. Most errands can be accomplished this way but a vehicle is recommended to explore and do errands in the rest of Kelowna.

South East Kelowna

Located southeast of downtown Kelowna and south of Mission Creek, this neighbourhood is surrounded by nature. With orchards, farms, parks, hiking trails, wineries and golf courses throughout this area, there is always something to explore. 

The Harvest Golf Club, Myra Canyon Adventure Park, Myra Canyon Trestles, and the Mission Creek Greenway are only some of the exciting places to explore in this neighbourhood.

South East Kelowna has a strong residential population. Being only a few minutes out of the main part of the city, it is great for those that need a break from the hustle and bustle once in a while. To complete all of your errands in the city it is recommended to have a vehicle.


Located north of Highway 33 and east of Highway 97, Rutland North has a strong residential community with many options for shopping, restaurants, businesses, and entertainment. Mainly composed of single family homes, condos, and townhouses, Rutland North has options for everyone.

Some schools include Rutland Elementary, Rutland Middle, and Rutland Secondary School. With the YMCA, Rutland Twin Arena, Rutland Sports Field, and the Grand 10 Theater nearby, there is plenty of activities that can be enjoyed year-round. 

This neighbourhood is very walk and bicycle friendly. Most errands can be accomplished on foot or by bicycle and the Kelowna bus transit is also available.

Shannon Lake

Located north of Highway 97 near West Kelowna, Shannon Lake is peaceful but car-dependent. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the main centres in West Kelowna and 15 to 20 minutes to Kelowna.

This neighbourhood is home to Shannon Lake Elementary School, within several other schools nearby.

Shannon Lake has several hiking and walking trails nearby. Because it is outside of the major centres, this beautiful neighbourhood offers an abundance of nature and family-oriented communities.

Smith Creek

Located northwest of Westbank in West Kelowna along Smith Creek Road, this neighbourhood is right on the outskirts of urban Westbank. 

With the popular Smith Creek Trail System for mountain bikers, this area is popular during the summer. Nearby in Westbank, there are schools, restaurants, and a variety of stores to keep residents busy. 

Because Smith Creek in on the outskirts of an urban centre, it’s important to own and operate a vehicle to accomplish all of your errands.   

University District

The University District of Kelowna is located at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus and the surrounding areas. There is a strong residential population around the university and in Quail Ridge.

Aberdeen Preparatory School is located just south of the university. There are a couple golf courses in this neighbourhood and a lot of opportunities for hiking, walking, cycling, and more. 

Majority of the population is students that attend the university. With additional amenities being built nearby, a lot of errands can be completed nearby. A vehicle is recommended but the university is a junction for various transit routes.

Upper Mission

Located south of the Lower Mission and Crawford Estates in Kelowna, the Upper Mission follows Okanagan Lake, providing spectacular views. Within this neighbourhood there are wineries such as Summerhill Winery, Cedar Creek Winery, and St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery. 

There are some restaurants and coffee shops throughout the Upper Mission. The lake, various parks and nearby hiking trails provide a fantastic escape into nature. The only school in the area is Chute Lake Elementary, but other schools in Kelowna are accessible.

A vehicle is recommended for this neighbourhood to complete most of your errands while some can be completed on foot or by cycling.

Westbank Centre

Westbank Centre, located between Kelowna and Peachland, has a mix of everything. Westbank has a wide array of amenities including the Westbank Museum, grocery and liquor stores, coffee shops, restaurants, parks and Landmark Cinemas Encore Theatre. 

Schools in Westbank Centre include George Pringle Elementary and Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary. There are middle and high schools, hiking trails, beaches, wineries and more that can be reached just outside of the neighbourhood.

With a wide array of amenities and its location, Westbank Centre is a hub of activity with easy access to Kelowna and Peachland. Most errands can be accomplished on foot, by bike or by transit, making this community great for those who enjoy walking. 

West Kelowna Estates


Located north of Highway 97 just after the bridge from Kelowna, this neighbourhood offers unique views of Okanagan Lake and the Kelowna cityscape. With a mainly residential population, amenities are only a few minute drive away.

There are a variety of hikes throughout the area to explore and wineries to peruse. Right next to this neighbourhood is a shopping centre with a gas station, Tim Hortons, Shoppers Drug Mart, TD Bank, the Landmark Xtreme theatre and more. 

This neighbourhood requires a car to accomplish all of your errands. There are plenty of opportunities to hike and walk through nature and experience breathtaking views in West Kelowna Estates


Located north of Glenmore along Upper Canyon Road in Kelowna, Wilden has a strong residential population. With access to the Upper Canyon Open Space and other nature areas, there are plenty of opportunities to escape into nature. 

Knox Mountain Park is just southwest of Wilden. This park gives even more opportunities for hikes and nature adventures. 

This neighbourhood is located only a few minutes out of the main city of Kelowna. Because of the distance, all errands will require a vehicle to complete them.

Westside Road

Located north of West Kelowna on the west side of Okanagan Lake, this neighbourhood has a lot of opportunities to explore nature. Bear Creek Provincial Park provides camping and hiking. 

During the summer, this neighbourhood is very popular for camping and hiking. The Kelowna Dirt Bike Club Motorcross Track is a popular hotspot for bikers and can be found off of Bear Lake Main Road.

To complete all of your errands you will have to head into West Kelowna so a vehicle is a necessity. 

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