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North Okanagan Area Map

For the benefit of our REALTORS® and clients, we further categorized the North Okanagan into neighbourhoods that range from Ashton Creek, Mabel Lake, Enderby, Grindrod, Falkland, and the Salmon Valley in the north, to Predator Ridge, Vernon, Coldstream, Lavington, Lumby, and Cherryville in the south. These sub areas are determined by the various municipalities, population density, and zoning bylaws.

Whether you’re boating and swimming in Kalamalka Lake, Mara Lake, or Okanagan Lake, floating down the Shuswap River, skiing or snowboarding at SilverStar Mountain Resort, or hiking the Enderby Cliffs, this region is full of exciting outdoor nature adventures to keep you busy year-round. With all the necessities at your fingertips, feel reconnected with nature in the North Okanagan.

Adventure Bay

Located east of downtown Vernon at the end of Bella Vista Road, this neighbourhood is focused on enjoying Okanagan Lake. There are a large amount of waterfront homes with docks for their boats and there is the Adventure Bay Trail for a quick hike.

This neighbourhood is a very popular spot for the summer months. Boaters, swimmers, kayakers, and more soak up the sun on the lake all summer long. 

Adventure Bay is a little ways outside of Vernon. Most errands will require a vehicle to accomplish and will be about a 10-20 minute drive.

Ashton Creek/Mabel Lake


Located east of Enderby along Enderby Mabel Lake Road, this neighbourhood is spread out and residential. At Mabel Lake there is the Mabel Lake Resort and Marina that has a golf course and a small aircraft airport nearby. 

There is a strong farming community throughout this neighbourhood and Mabel Lake offers plenty of opportunities for water sports, boating, kayaking, and more. 

Because these communities are so spread out, owning and operating a vehicle is a necessity.

Alexis Park


In northwestern Vernon, Alexis Park has plenty of opportunities to explore nature. There are parks such as Rocky Ridge Park, Pioneer Park, and MacDonald Park nearby to take advantage of. 

The Greater Vernon Recreation area is nearby with the Centennial Outdoor Rink to skate on during the winter. The Grey Canal Trail is nearby for some nature walk excursions. 

With a variety of stores and restaurants within walking distance to Alexis Park, most errands can be completed on foot or by cycling. To explore the rest of Vernon, a vehicle is recommended.


Armstrong, located between Vernon and Enderby between the Okanagan Valley and the Shuswap, has a small town feel while providing residents with a variety of amenities. 

There are schools such as Armstrong Elementary, Len Wood Middle, Pleasant Valley Senior Secondary, and more. The Hassen Memorial Arena and the NorVal Arena contribute to the events and sports within Armstrong.

Armstrong hosts several events, such as the Interior Provincial Exhibition fair, an annual fair and rodeo celebrating everything agriculture. With the larger city of Vernon nearby, it is best to have vehicle in order to complete errands and explore the surrounding areas.


Bella Vista

This neighbourhood runs east of downtown Vernon along Bella Vista Road. With a wide range of farms and orchards, including Davison Orchards, there are plenty of opportunities for residents in the surrounding area to get fresh produce.

Bella Vista offers a variety of activities such as golfing at The Rise, experiencing Davison Orchards Country VIllage, exploring the Grey Canal Trail, and more.

Due to Bella Vista being a few minute drive away from Vernon, a vehicle is recommended. Some errands can be accomplished on foot or by cycling. 


Located east of Vernon and Lumby along Highway 6, Cherryville is a small community nestled in nature. With serene lakes and rivers nearby, this town offers an escape to nature. 

With Lumby only a short drive away, a vehicle is a necessity to complete all of your errands. You will get to know your neighbours in this close-knit community and with Vernon and Silver Star about an hour drive away, you are close enough to appreciate the amenities of the city and ski resort.



Located along Highway 97 from Predator Ridge to downtown Vernon, this neighbourhood has a mix of commercial and residential properties throughout. Commonage has a large amount of traffic that travels along Highway 97 consistently. Luckily, the residential properties are tucked away from this. 

Vernon Jubilee Hospital, Okanagan College, and the Vernon Military Camp are all located in this neighbourhood. Most of the residential properties are on the northern part of Commonage, close to Mission Hill, downtown Vernon, and Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

Most errands can be accomplished on foot or by cycling, but a vehicle is recommended to reach every part of Vernon.  

Mun of Coldstream

The Municipality of Coldstream begins at Highway 97 and moves east along Kalamalka Lake and Highway 6 coming to an end just after Lavington. This region is mostly residential and only a few minutes from downtown Vernon. 

Kalamalka Lake is popular during the summer. Many people flock to Kal Beach in Coldstream to soak up the sun and enjoy an Okanagan day at the beach. With a variety of hiking and walking trails, it’s easy to leave the suburbs and find nature. 

There are baseball diamonds, pubs and more ready to be experienced. Some errands can be completed on foot or by cycling, but it is recommended to use a vehicle to accomplish all your tasks.

Creighton Valley

Located on Creighton Valley Road, which turns south off of Highway 6 after Lumby and then reconnects to Highway 6 after south of Cherryville, this neighbourhood is quite spread out. 

The Echo Lake Provincial Park is located in this region and Echo Lake is a popular spot for kayaking, camping, fishing, and more. Families come during the summer to enjoy the sun in a beautiful area full of nature.

To complete all errands a vehicle is required. Lumby is a half hour drive away and is the nearest town.



At the northern end of the North Okanagan is Enderby and Grindrod. Located between Okanagan Lake and Shuswap Lake, plenty of water sports are less than 30 mins away. The Enderby River Float also is a popular activity on the Shuswap River along the eastern part of town.

Other activities include hiking the Enderby Cliffs Trail or watching a movie at the Starlight Drive-In, which is one of the few remaining drive-in theatres in Canada.

Enderby and Grindrod are intimate communities but have their own elementary schools and secondary school. A vehicle is needed in Grindrod and recommended in Enderby.

East Hill

Located in northeastern Vernon, this neighbourhood is heavily residential. With a the East Hill Dog Park and Lakeview Park nearby, there are some nice places to go for walks. 

Silver Star is a short drive away and all of the amenities of Vernon are at your fingertips in East Hill. There are a few stores nearby, such as the Lakeview Market and Cool Beans coffee shop. 

Some errands can be accomplished on foot and by cycling. Travel times will be a bit longer because this neighbourhood is mostly residential, so a vehicle is recommended.


Located on the way to Silver Star Ski Resort northeast of Vernon, this neighbourhood is mostly residential. While surrounded by nature, the residents are nicely tucked away from the city. 

There are a variety of hiking trails nearby such as the Grey Canal Trail Foothills and the BX Creek and Falls Trail. Silver Star is a short drive from this neighbourhood where residents can ski, snowboard, tube, skate, and much more with activities offered year-round.

This neighbourhood is a short drive away from Vernon which makes a vehicle necessary. To accomplish all errands, residents need to head into Vernon.


Located in northeastern Vernon, this neighbourhood is has a great combination of residential and commercial properties. Around the outskirts of the neighbourhood are the commercial properties.

With Silver Star Ski Resort, various shopping centers, and downtown Vernon only a short drive away, this neighbourhood is connected to the city. MacDonald Park is nearby for an escape to nature amidst the hustle and bustle. 

Some errands can accomplished on foot or by cycling, but Harwood is large enough that a vehicle is recommended.

Lumby Valley

Located east of Vernon along Highway 6, Lumby is known for its logging and wood products industries. Being near Vernon gives Lumby residents the chance to get bigger city amenities in only a short drive. 

Lumby offers paragliding and hanggliding in the region, as well as a lot of hiking and walking trails, snowmobiling, canoeing and kayaking. There are a variety of restaurants and local shops to explore.  

Lots of errands can be accomplished on foot or by cycling. To complete every errand a vehicle is recommended. A vehicle will also make Vernon and Silver Star Mountain Resort accessbile.

Mission Hill

Located in southwestern Vernon, this neighbourhood is very close to Vernon Jubilee Hospital. There are green spaces such as Mission Hill Park and Polson Park nearby to explore. 

Okanagan College Connector Trail is a great walk for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The trail connects Mission Hill and South Vernon. 

Some errands can be accomplished on foot or by cycling, but a vehicle is recommended to reach more of Vernon.

Mabel Lake South


Mabel Lake is east of Enderby and Armstrong past Trinity Valley. During the summer, Mabel Lake is full of vacationers looking to soak up the Okanagan sun.

There are a variety of water sports, boating, kayaking, swimming, and more to experience on Mabel Lake. 

To reach this neighbourhood a vehicle is required. Residents in the area can experience serene nature on the lake all summer long. 

Middleton Mountain

Located southeast of downtown Vernon on the south end of Middleton Mountain, this neighbourhood has a strong residential population.  

The Middleton Mountain Trail connects parts of the neighbourhood together while giving the residents a great chance to explore nature. Another part of the trail acts as a connector from this neighbourhood to Kal Beach on Kalamalka Lake.

A vehicle is recommended to accomplish all errands and to be able to access the rest of the city of Vernon.

North BX

Located northwest of Lumby, north of Lavington and south of Silver Star Mountain, this neighbourhood is tucked away into nature. There are a few roads that access this isolated area. 

Some nearby places to visit include the Vernon BMX Ranger Park, Girouard Park and the Blue Heron bird sanctuary. North BX is a little ways out of Vernon so a vehicle is a necessity to access the city.

Silver Star Mountain Resort is a close drive away. The ski resort offers a variety of winter sports such as tubing, skiing, snowboarding and more.

Okanagan Landing

Located southwest of Vernon, Okanagan Landing is right on Okanagan Lake. With waterfront restaurants, beaches, and a park, there are a variety of ways to enjoy the water. The Longacre and the Marshall Fields hiking trails are nearby for everyone to enjoy.

Very close to Vernon, this neighbourhood is well connected. Okanagan Landing Elementary is within the neighbourhood and other schools are only a few minutes away. Having a vehicle to complete your errands is recommended.

Okanagan North

Okanagan North is a large region that encompasses multiple towns such as Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby, Lumby, Grindrod, Lavington and Cherryville. Some provincial parks and reserves in the area are Silver Star, Enderby Cliffs, Monashee, Graystokes, Granby, the Upper Shuswap River Ecological Reserve, the Kingfisher Ecological Reserve and more.

With a variety of towns situated in this region, there is plenty of activities for the residential population. Vehicles are a necessity. The Shuswap river runs through the areas and flows into lakes such as Mabel Lake and Sugar Lake. There are plenty of lakes, rivers and creeks throughout the region. 

Predator Ridge

Just 20 minutes from Vernon and 40 minutes from Kelowna, this neighbourhood is home to Predator Ridge Resort and Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa. This smaller community is nestled on Predator Ridge, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are a few restaurants, a market, and multiple hiking trails throughout the neighbourhood. With golf courses and lakes dotted throughout, Predator Ridge offers an escape into nature.

Due to the isolated nature of this neighbourhood, a vehicle is a recommended to complete most errands. Some can be accomplished on foot or bicycle.

South BX


Located east of Vernon, this neighbourhood is mainly residential with some commercial businesses throughout. South BX offers a lot for nature lovers. With a variety of trails to explore nearby in the summer and winter, there is always something to keep residents busy. 

South BX is also close to Silver Star Mountain Resort, which offers a wide variety of activities year-round. The BX Press Cidery and Orchard is a great place to check out some of the Okanagan’s local cider.

To accomplish most of your errands it is recommended to own and operate a vehicle. Walking and cycling are options, but the commute is long.

Salmon Valley/Falkland

Located northwest of Armstrong and Vernon along Highway 97, Falkland is a small community full of nature. With a variety of hiking trails, lakes, and wildlife in the area, there is always something to experience.

There are a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and small stores in Falkland ready to be explored. Falkland is home to one of Canada’s largest Canadian flags, located on Gyp Mountain.

If you live within the small community, most errands can be accomplished on foot or by cycling. A vehicle is recommended to venture outside of the town.

Silver Star Resort

Located east of Vernon along Silver Star Road, this mountain resort offers a wide variety of activities such as alpine ski and snowboarding, cross country skiing, mountain biking, heli gliding, tubing, skating and more. 

Silver Star Mountain Resort offers a large selection of restaurants and dining options on the hill. Outdoor lovers flock to the hill for every season. Biking, hiking, and other summer activities keep this resort open year-round. 

Due to the isolated nature of a mountain resort, a vehicle is a necessity to come and go. Errands will require a vehicle, as Vernon is a short drive from Silver Star. 

South Vernon


Located in southwestern Vernon along Okanagan Avenue and Okanagan Landing Road, this neighbourhood is only a short drive from downtown. With beaches like Kin Beach nearby, residents have easy access to the beautiful Okanagan Lake in the summer.

There are a variety of businesses in the area such as Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Longhorn Pub and Liquor Store and much more. Ellison Elementary School and Clarence Fulton Secondary can also be found in this neighbourhood. 

South Vernon has a strong residential population as well. With the Okanagan College Connector Trail in close proximity to residences, it’s easy to take a break from the city with this walking and cycling trail that connects to the Mission Hill neighbourhood. Most errands will require a vehicle but some can be accomplished on foot or by cycling.

Swan Lake West

Located in northern Vernon, Swan Lake West has a good variety of commercial properties along Highway 97. Swan Lake is popular for boating, kayaking, and the Vernon Rowing and Dragon Boat Club. 

With Atlantis Water Slides, Swan Lake Nurseryland Fruit Market and Garden Centre, and more, there is plenty to explore. Young families enjoy shopping at the markets and taking their children to the water slides in this neighbourhood. 

During the summer, this neighbourhood becomes quite popular. Some errands can be completed by cycling, but most should be done via driving a vehicle. 

Trinity Valley


Trinity Valley is located between Lumby and Enderby along Trinity Valley Road and east of Silver Star Mountain. This region also has access to the south side of Mabel Lake and connects to the northern route from Enderby to Mabel Lake.

Trinity Valley is popular during the summer for nature lovers. With a variety of smaller lakes, there is plenty to explore in this region. Because this region is further away from resources, a vehicle is recommended to accomplish errands. 

Vernon City

Located along Highway 97 in the centre of Vernon, this neighbourhood is great for bicycles and foot traffic. With the Vernon Museum and Archives, Vernon Public Art Gallery, various stores, restaurants, and parks, there is plenty of activity throughout the year.

With the various pubs, coffee shops, and public artwork integrated throughout the neighbourhood, Vernon’s culture is captured in the downtown core. Downtown Vernon is extremely pedestrian friendly and nearly every errand can be completed by walking or cycling.



Located east of downtown Vernon, this neighbourhood has a strong residential population. There is a wide range of commercial businesses near this neighbourhood in South Vernon and downtown Vernon is only a short drive away.

Westmount is a good neighbourhood for families. Heritage Park has a playground for kids and the Okanagan Training Rink is fantastic to learn how to skate. Most tasks can be completed in South Vernon, which is right next to Westmount. 

Walking and cycling are good options for this neighbourhood, but to explore outside of Westmount and South Vernon, a vehicle is recommended.


Located southeast of Lavington and southwest of Lumby along Dure Meadows Road, Whitevale is a small logging and ranching community. With Lumby just a short drive away, the community has access to some amenities. Vernon is a 30 minute drive away along Highway 6.

The amenities of Vernon are quite accessible for this community. Silver Star Mountain, the hospital, and various shopping centres make a great day trip for residents in Whitevale.

There are a variety of chances to explore nature in Whitevale. This community is quite small and spread out with various farms and ranches throughout. A vehicle is a requirement to complete all errands.  




Located between Vernon and Lumby along Highway 6, Lavington has a good amount of commercial businesses throughout the community such as Tolko, Kaltech, and Valley Wood. 

There is the Lavington Elementary School in the community, a few stores, and Annette’s Bluenose Deli and Coffee House. 

With nature all around, it can be very easy to find some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of Vernon.

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