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Breaking Down Barriers

Pathways to Modernizing Municipal Property Information in the British Columbia (B.C.) Interior. This report takes a comprehensive look at the various barriers hindering efficient access to property data REALTORS® and their clients rely on. 

The report makes 7 recommendations (3 provincial and 4 municipal) to modernize and improve access to these vitally important documents and enhance consumer protection across the interior.  

At the Provincial level, we recommend the following actions:
1. Create a Municipal Records Modernization Fund: Allocate funding to enhance staffing resources and infrastructure for digital systems, coupled with a provincial audit of regulations hindering digital adoption. 

2. Conduct a review of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA): Conduct a review of municipal FOIPPA processes and improve systems through technology implementation, standardization, and streamlining. 

3. Develop a Provincial Zoning Atlas for Open Provision of Public Data: Develop a provincial zoning atlas to provide open access to public data, promoting transparency and accessibility. 

At the Municipal level, we recommend the following actions:  

1. Move to Electronic Payment Systems: Offer convenient online payment options for property information requests to enhance customer service and modernize internal processes. 

2. Enhance Digital Property Information Request Application Interfaces: Embed property information request applications into municipal websites to streamline processes and enhance accessibility. 

3. Create Property Information Request Guidance: Create user-friendly landing pages outlining consent requirements, FOIPPA laws, costs, and other details to streamline processes and enhance transparency. 

4. Enable Online Application Tracking: 
Implement online tracking systems for property information requests to provide real-time updates on application status and enhance efficiency. 

Read the full Breaking Down Barriers Report here.




A Better Way Home

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA), with support from the province’s eight real estate boards and 24,000 REALTORS®, has presented a white paper, called A Better Way Home: Strengthening Consumer Protections in Real Estate, to the BC government with sweeping recommendations on creating more housing options for British Columbians, improving affordability and better protecting consumers in real estate transactions.

Read A Better Way Home: Strengthening Consumer Protections in Real Estate here.

Summary of the key recommendations can be found here.

If you are a home buyer or seller with questions about the recommendations, please contact [email protected].

Media inquiries:

Provincial: Shaheed Devji, [email protected] or April van Ert, [email protected]
BC Interior: Seth Scott, [email protected]

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